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BRAT (diary entry edition)

BRAT (diary entry edition)

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includes 1 page cut out from charli’s actual diary. 12.5 x 12.25 inches. 140 grams. PVC. contains mastered audio content. gatefold with inner die cut hole. 2 sided picture disc. lyric book. newsprint insert. sticker inside shrink wrap. limited edition run. buy it you're gonna love it :)

1. 360 2. Club classics 3. Sympathy is a knife
4. I might say something stupid 5. Talk talk
6. Von dutch 7. Everything is romantic
8. Rewind 9. So I 10. Girl, so confusing 
11. Apple 12. B2b 13. Mean girls
14. I think about it all the time 15. 365  

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